At OB-Motion Management we have multiple ways to “Deliver Peace Of Mind”
  • We live Strongly by our Mission,Values and Vision;
  • We have memberships with reputable institutions;
  • We supply the monthly M.F.A.C.T. Report;
  • We believe in continual professional development;
  • We have an externally maintained IT System;

  • We will sort your slips;
  • We believe in effective communication;
  • We partner ourselves with other professionals from other fields;
  • We are involved in a community dedicated to help business owners;
  • We are involved with the community;




We don’t just deliver a service - 

we deliver peace of mind.





Your growth partner,

 assisting in compliance and 

delivering peace of mind

 M.F.A.C.T. Report

 (Management Financial Analysis and Compliance Tool)

This report helps you to; 

  • Understand the performance of your company;
  • Manage Spending/Overheads; 
  • Plan cash flow; Tax Compliance;
  • Tax Planning; 
  • HR Management in regards to Salaries.

Professional Development

We go on Training courses/Webinars/Workshops to make sure we are up to date on Legislation.

 We also believe in up-skilling all our staff in other areas as well with regular in office training and team coaching.

Our IT System

We have an externally managed IT System, which enables us to deliver the following value added services to out customers:

  • Secure storage of your accounts;
  • Digitized copies of all your important information (Held for a maximum of 5 years after assessment date);
  • Your accounting records and other relevant documents available via our own managed cloud (OB-Cloud)

Your Slips

You supply us your financial records including slips, in any which way, we will sort, paste on our pasting sheets, and after we have recorded the info, digitize it, and send it back to you in a neatly bounded package.


We pride ourselves in our communication. We will remind you of any statutory submissions prior to deadline i.e. VAT Submission month, CIPC Annual returns and the like

You are also reminded of payment due on the due date, to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

We maintain an active Facebook page where you can get Tips, Tricks and Articles that could help in your business. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW US

We also keep you up to date with what the status on your work is. We chase you for your paperwork, not you for the work.

Professional Partners

 We partnered ourselves with other service providing professionals to provide a more comprehensive network of services. These include but are not limited to:

  • Business coaching; 
  • HR Professionals; 
  • Financial Consultants.


In partnership with Esterhuizen Consulting, we have created a Business Support Community (BSC) that is beyond a mere network function.

 We created a safe environment where education in the more obscure things in business, is our aim. As well as get like minded business owners together to discuss their problems.

Someone might already have come up with a solution to a problem you are facing.

Our Community Outreach

We believe in giving back to the community, we are involved with a couple of outreach programs in our area.  

Grannies Who Care VA NPO Grannies Who Care is an ongoing outreach into our local community, by meeting the immediate need of the mother and her new born baby. It has also grown into various other initiatives. OB-Motion has been involved since the incorporation of the NPO status for Grannies Who Care VA NPO. We assist them with the statutory matters as well as assisted them in obtaining Section 18(A) status

OB-Motion also provides parcels for those mothers who have lost their babies. The NPO is in constant need of help in various ways, please visit their website for more information if you would like to get involved.