“Let us be your partner” in FINANCIAL COMPLIANCE



OB-Motion uses Sage Pastel Partner, which is a local accounting software that complies will all legislative requirements, to capture the accounting records. Under financial compliance, our duties will include;

  • The monthly recording of all income, expenses, bank and other financial related information;
  • Correctly allocating transactions according to accounting policies and procedures;
  • For clients using Sage One, we will process the expenses and where necessary assist with the banking transactions and other financial transactions;
  • Complying with the relevant accounting standards;
  • M.F.A.C.T. Report; Compilation of Annual Financial Statements as well as issuing of Accounting Officer reports where required.

All paperwork, slips, vouchers etc. received from a client is neatly sorted, recorded and filed and then returned to the client.

Under tax compliance, our duties will include (where applicable);

  • VAT recon and submissions to SARS;
  • VAT review & audits as requested by SARS;
  • Provisional tax calculations and returns for organisations and individuals;
  • Income tax submissions for organisations and individuals;
  • Income tax review and audits for organisations and individuals;
  • EMP201 submissions to SARS;
  • Periodic EMP501 reconciliation submissions to SARS and the issuing of IRP5’s;
  •  Tax clearance Certificate (If requested by a client).


“Worth is more than a paycheck”  


“Give your secretary a break”  

Payroll - “Worth is more than a paycheck” OB-Motion uses Sage VIP Payroll, which is a local payroll software that complies with all legislative requirements. We also provide support to clients running their own payrolls either on VIP Payroll, Pastel Payroll or Sage 1 Payroll. We also have partnered with a HR and Labour Consultant in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for payroll and HR matters. Under Payroll, our duties will include;

  • Process payroll information on a Monthly/Weekly/Bi-Weekly payroll date and providing salary related reports including PDF pay slips. Printed on security paper on request and delivered to clients place of business (additional costs will apply);
  • Reconciling company and other deductions in order to submit statutory reports i.e. UIF, SARS, WCA, RMA;
  • Maintain and update employee records as well as leave, loans, increases on payroll;
  • WCA/RMA Letter of Good standing (if requested by client);

Consulting and salary structuring on an ad hoc basis.

Additional Services - “Give your secretary a break” Admin is always a nightmare especially in smaller business. Often outsourcing is more cost effective then trying to do it by one selves. Michaela Oberholzer is also a Commission of Oaths, bringing relief to frustrations when certification of documents are required (except where expressed Police certification is required)

  • Additional services offered include but are not limited to; Private Company Registrations;
  • Submission of Annual Returns and Financial Statement/Financial Accountability Report;
  • Maintaining of statutory documents including amendments to company information;
  • Assisting with the preparation of resolutions;
  • Maintain electronic updated version of all statutory documents on a database; Voluntary de-registration of private companies and close corporations; General compliance advice;
  • Confirmation Letters;
  • B-BBEE Exempted Micro Enterprise Affidavit
  • PAIA Manual.